Budgeting for the twenty-somethings

This guy obviously read this article.

With all this talk about “Going Green” and saving the environment, I think most people are more concerned with “Getting Green” or saving it for that matter. I have found a few ways, first and foremost to cut down some costs around the house, and in daily life, and maybe be a little green at the same time.First, I am heath conscious, I like to eat right, but it is very expensive! I suggest rather than fancy grocery stores, to hit up a farmers market for fruits and veggies… They are cheap, make a great snack, and we need them! I do treat myself to a Wendy’s Dollar Menu item from time to time, however, its better than most other fast food restaurants and cheaper. Buy Deli meats as opposed to buying pre-packaged meats. More bang for your buck!

Instead of going out to bars or fancy restaurants, try inviting all your friends over to cook and have drinks at someones house.. Its cheaper for everyone involved, engaging, and you still get to spend a lot of time with them. Sharing is caring.

When your at home, try to use hand cloths for tasks like drying your hands, cleaning counters and windows, instead of using paper towels. Use soap that you can mix in water rather than buying expensive cleaning products. Stay clean and stay green!

Take a survey of your house and look at all the things that are plugged in to outlets. As the power companies have pounded into your head, even an electronic device that is off can still suck power from the sockets. Unplug all devices that are not being used. i.e. hair dryers, phone charges, fans, etc. You over-use you lose!

More tips to come. Just thought I would share some simple and easy ways to cut it down!